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Use plagiarism removal software for lesser rejections

Many of the dissertations, articles or thesis reports have been under scanner for plagiarism. While some of them are done knowingly, some other were done unknowingly. However as per the standard rules, plagiarism is strictly prohibited in any form and must be treated severely. Earlier it was difficult to track and trace plagiarism as it was really a difficult task to go through each and every line or paragraph. Not only it was hectic it was also time consuming and required people with good knowledge about the topic or subject. But with the arrival of internet and availability of several soft wares, checking plagiarism has become a simple task and everyone can do it from his or her desk if internet is available. Apart from software’s there are also many professional consultants who provide exclusive services with their own software to track plagiarism. While some of the software’s are good enough to track plagiarism some other are even more efficient.

After completing the thesis or the dissertation, students can upload the report on to the software and check for plagiarism if something has crept unknowingly. Most of the software’s available on internet are free. While some of them have a limitation on number of words some of them have limitation on number of pages. So in order to check for plagiarism for a good number of pages or for professional services, students must approach a consultant who provides a range of services including plagiarism removal. With all these software’s students can identify the problem even before submitting and overcome the hurdle of rejections. If the person is confident of his/her report they can check it using online services or else it is advised to approach a professional who not only removes the unwanted and duplicate content but also helps in editing, formatting and proof reading.

How Does Citations Matter

Research based studies in any particular academic domain are mounting up on a daily basis, and nearly most of the studies are incremental in nature, as it is not always possible on the part of a researcher to come up with new theoretical frameworks or ground breaking studies. Therefore, making use of the existing theoretical frameworks, researchers strive to come up with various research based studies, which are conducted in divergent contexts. However, it is also not always possible on the part of a researcher to know about what another researcher is carrying out by sitting at another part of the world. Therefore, there is always a possibility that results of both the study may collide with each other. Though unintentional, still the latter one will suffer from the issues related to plagiarism. That is one of the primary reasons behind the large community of researchers put so much stress on the aspects of citation, and they consider these aspects with utmost seriousness.

One of the greatest advantages of using citations properly throughout the study is that it can save the researcher from letting someone blame the work as a plagiarized one. On the other hand, using more citation increases the visibility of the original study, from where the theoretical framework has been adopted, and in this way, the rank of the researcher and the respective journal increases. Therefore, it has been seen that the senior researchers try to cite their own works, which were previously carried out by them, in their later works, and in this way they can enhance their rank among the community of researchers to a great extent. It is reflected in the h-index of the researcher and the impact factor of the journal. For more information about various aspects of properly citing a previous research work and its advantages, kindly browse through the pages of

How to check for plagiarism online?


Before you submit your research paper, assignment or dissertation, it is important to check for plagiarism in your document. Sometimes, it may occur that you accidently copied some text as it is from the internet and it reflects in the plagiarism checker. Also, if you do not check for plagiarism before submitting your document, there are high chances that your academic document may get rejected. There are a number of free plagiarism checking tools online that will help determine the plagiarism percentage in your work. However, if you want a detailed report along with corrections in the plagiarised content, you can consult professional plagiarism removal companies who will ensure your work is 100% original and ready for submission.

Easy Steps to Keep Away from Plagiarism

Research scholars and writers often have to write contents, which are sourced from various other websites, books, and references. Nowadays, doing so is considered as plagiarism. It not only damages the reputation, but also it lowers the self-confidence in writers.

Given below are a few easy steps to avoid plagiarism –

  • Even if you are taking inspiration from a webpage or a book, you should never attempt to take the exact words. You can surely follow the style, presentation of the work, but not the words. You can use paraphrase the text, but this too is sometimes considered plagiarism. Alternatively, you can say the whole thing in your own words.
  • Never use just one source to write. You can use different works of writing. And by making their mixed-fruit juice, you should tell your story. If the outcome is great, it receives the appreciation. Don’t worry; there are many a people who write blockbuster, record earning movies, by picking their story from different places.
  • If you have taken references from some other book, don’t forget to give credit to the author of that book. This way, both of you will get the appropriate appreciation and recognition.

The ‘when’ and ‘how’ of citation

Students often get confused as to what all they should cite in their reports. Citations are necessary for such knowledge that is stated in the reference source. Hence, if a statement or data is originally found in the reference book or journal paper or website that you are using, you must provide sufficient and appropriate citation for the same.

However, you do not need to give citation in case you are writing statements that are common knowledge. There are many facts that are commonly known by all; for instance, the sun’s distance from earth or the number of states in a country. These things can be found in many reference books and do not need to be cited. Even here, do not use the exact words as given in the source.

Enquire about the exact format that your college follows for citation and use the same with precision. The style should be constant in the entire document, whether you are doing in text citation or in the reference list.

How is plagiarism punished

There have been instances when people have had to resign from reputed posts as writers or government servants because they had resorted to plagiarism. When committed intentionally, with an aim to mislead readers, plagiarism can destroy careers. At the college level, there can be varying punishments for such an act.

Depending upon the extent of copied content, frequency of instances, nature of content copied and the source which one is using, colleges can announce several punishments.

  • The entire content can be rejected. If it is an assignment or essay, it can be prepared again from scratch. However, when projects or research reports are rejected, it often leads to wastage of an entire year.
  • If the mistake is minor, then the writer can be asked to revise the content and remove the plagiarized matter.
  • In case of citation issues, students can be asked to find and cite the sources properly, using a certain citation style.

In all cases, deduction of marks is common, and students will have to suffer low grades if they are not cautious enough.

Why is plagiarism considered a crime

Plagiarism means “the wrongful appropriation or purloining and publication as one’s own, of the ideas, or the expression of the ideas… of another”, as per the Oxford English Dictionary. To put it simply, if you portray some other author’s work as your own when writing an assignment, essay or research report, then it will be equivalent to duplication.

To get inspiration from somebody’s idea is one thing, and to copy the idea/data/text exactly is another. It is same as stealing of property; just that the thing being robbed here is Intellectual Property. Hence, this will amount to a crime and is liable to be punished. This is the reason why all the colleges across the world have such strict rules against plagiarism and guide students so that they are able to avoid such action. Every educational course is meant to enhance the knowledge of students and provide them a chance to conduct original research, develop insights, and master the subjects they study. By plagiarizing content, all these aims get defeated.