Paraphrasing Tools: A Convenient Way to Avoid Plagiarism

During the PhD journey, one may easily find relevant information from existing papers or sources. But implementing the same in the research document without falling into the plagiarism trap is almost next to impossible. Plagiarism is considered as an offensive crime and can deframe your name and work in no time. Hence, one must take immense care while including the content from various sources. To avoid plagiarism, one can use a quotation, cite the sources, or  rewrite the sentences. If one has already committed this blunder, there is always a way out. In recent years, many plagiarism checking softwares and tools that completely modifies the plagiarised content are ruling the market. One of them is paraphrasing tool.

Paraphrasing tools, simply rewrites your content without altering their meaning. Some of the benefits offered by this tool are:

  • These are available online and you can use them as per your personal comfort .
  • In free paraphrase tools, you can paraphrase any kind of paper, i.e. online publishable articles, dissertation, thesis, essays, non-academic paper as well as a press release can be paraphrased.
  • Paraphrasing tools are absolutely free.
  • It does not consume too much time. You can get your paper paraphrased within a short time.
  • It eliminates unnecessary words or sentences automatically. This online tool is able to rephrase the lengthy sentences into short and meaningful ones.
  • The content is paraphrased with 100% accuracy with reference to the content provided. You will not find any single silly mistakes including grammatical errors, misspellings or punctuation errors.

The most commonly used paraphrasing tools are:

EZ Rewriter

This was initially created for rewriting web content, but is commonly used for the academic purpose. This tool is user-friendly and has a minimalistic interface.

The tool is the most reliable online to convert your sentences into their new versions, preventing you from committing plagiarism.

Ant Spinner

This is another tool that is widely used by scholars to rewrite their academic papers.


The next in the list is paraphrasing. This tool not only allows you to rewrite the entire article and an essay but also lets you reword small pieces of text.

Article Rewriter

This tool can paraphrase texts of different sizes. Students can reword short phrases, non academic works, essays, and academic works. It restates sentences quickly and is easy to use.


This tool differs from other programs. This application has a unique “point and clicks” interface, which instantly replaces words in the text.

To conclude, paraphrasing software may compose sentences in a clumsy way. In order to avoid such fails, once paraphrased, it is always better to manually go through the work before submitting it to the review committee and avoid embarrassment.

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