Understanding the Plagiarism report for reducing the similarity index

Plagiarism Removal provides its customers the means to submit Word documents (*.DOC, *DOCX, and *.RTF) and check its similarity index. The similarity index is the percentage of the document content that contains plagiarized (or copied) material. For example, if the similarity index is 50%, it means that 50% of the word count in the submitted document has been plagiarized. A similarity index of 15% (or less) is good, as every research document uses industry-specific terms and jargons that cannot be replaced.

Customers can specify their personal details and word count in the following fields, before requesting for a plagiarism check.


Email Id


Code + Phone

Academic Level

Topic of Research

Word Count of Thesis

Do you have Plagiarism report? Yes/No

If you do not have a plagiarism report, click the “No” option, on which the form prompts you check for plagiarism. If you already have a plagiarism report, click the “Yes” option, and upload both the existing plagiarism report and the Word file attachment.

Generate Plagiarism Report (Check Box)

Upload Thesis Document: Only word file

Calculate Price

Percentage of Plagiarism: Text Box %

Targeted Match % : Dropdown : 15%, 20%


Click the Generate Plagiarism Report check box to request for plagiarism check and a TurnItIn report.

Use the Upload Thesis Document field to attach the Word document to be checked. Only files with extension (doc, docx, and rtf) can be attached. You can attach up to 10 documents, with each file not exceeding a file size of 25MB.

Use the Targeted Match % field to select the targeted match percentage (15 or 20%).

The Percentage of Plagiarism field displays the similarity index of the attached document.

Based on the value of the submitted word count, the targeted match percentage, and the plagiarism percentage, the form displays the total number of words that need to rewritten, based on the calculations provided in the following table:

Plagiarism percentage Percentage of content to be rewritten
Less than 35% 50% of the content
35 to 60% 75% of the content
More than 60% Entire document to be rewritten


Example, if the attached thesis contains 30,000 words and has a plagiarism percentage of 35%, 50% of the document (or 15000 words) will be replaced or rewritten, to reduce the similarity index to 15% or less.

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