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Four Effective Ways to Save Money When Staying Abroad for Studies

Students frequently have to face a financial crunch when staying abroad. They spend too much on the daily necessities of life and struggle to meet the ends. Students are often compelled to do extra hours in their part time job, which robs their valuable studying time. But, students can save money and manage their expenses within a budget by adapting the following tips.


Travelling is an inevitable expense, but you can save money by travelling in cheaper options. There are apps available like Uber, Carma, Lyft through which you can share your ride or join someone travelling your way. Another way is to travel when it is inconvenient for others. During off-peak hours the fares are less.


The best way to save money is by cooking your own food and eating. This is not only economical but it is a healthier option too. You can plan your week ahead in time and do the grocery in the days when there are discounts in the supermarket and cook in bulk amount which you can eat all week around. Thus, by planning ahead and investing time you can save money, as processed food is way more costly that fresh ingredients.


Reduce the frequency of laundry. Wash only when you can run the washing machine in full load. Wash your clothes in cold water and if possible let your clothes dry naturally. These tips will not only save you on your utility bill, but also on detergent and time invested.


Install a water purifier rather than buying mineral water. You will be amazed by how quickly you will recover the cost of the purifier. Moreover, if you share your accommodation with fellow mates you can share the expense of buying the purifier with them.

Thus, by making the above changes in your lifestyle you can save a lot.

Simple Steps Of Valuable Process Of Buying Dissertation

Students always face problems while writing their dissertations and they are well aware of this. However, these problems are not just at one particular stage of writing a dissertation but at several points including the selection of a suitable topic to the last portion of the dissertation. When you purchase a dissertation writing service, on the other hand, you can avoid all these problems. Here are some steps of the process of purchasing a dissertation.

Know the writer

Before you can purchase a dissertation writing service, you should consider learning about the qualifications and the previous work experience of the writer in this field. You should ask the writer whether he or she has any prior experience in writing dissertations for students. You would need to discover a writer, who has both the expertise as well as the skills to write a dissertation successfully.

Test the writer

Ask the writer for a sample write-up or test him or her by asking them to write a portion of your dissertation for you. What you should pay the writer at the end of the day is the primary concern. If you are not satisfied with this writer, then compare the services and the prices of different writers. You will find the right writer for you then. You should, however, ask the writer whether he or she can complete your dissertation before the deadline. Remember that you should hire only writers, who are highly proficient even though they may charge you more money than the others.

Provide your specifications

Now, simply go ahead and provide the writer your specifications. You should ask the writer to complete your dissertation well before time and return it to you a few days before the deadline so that you can go through it for your viva voce.

Provide your specifications

Now, simply go ahead and provide the writer your specifications. You should ask the writer to complete your dissertation well before time and return it to you a few days before the deadline so that you can go through it for your viva voce.

How to Avoid Plagiarism on Your PhD Thesis and Dissertation

When you use facts, ideas or opinions that are not your own, even if you are not using the exact words of the author, you should give them credits for incorporating their work in your paper. If you do not do so, you are clearly committing the act of plagiarism. Here is how to avoid plagiarism on your PhD thesis and dissertation

Avoid procrastination

Students that procrastinate are the ones that find themselves in a bind when it comes to the submission of their theses. Even if you are not tempted to deliberately pass off someone else’s work as your own, you can get careless while citing another person’s work and may even end up losing your admission to the PhD programme. You should, therefore, avoid any procrastination that may create problems in the citation of works and referencing.

Take good notes

Be sure to copy quotes accurately if you are making notes from the internet or from some other source of information. Do not lose track of which information has been quoted directly by you and which ones have not been quoted directly by you or have been paraphrased by you. It helps to make a distinction that is visual in your notes. Carefully cite all the information that is available on the internet as well as in books and the other sources.

Cite internet sources too

Just because something is available freely on the internet does not imply that you have to copy it and use it without citation. You must cite internet sources too. Most of the citation styles for the internet sources are also quite specific. You would need to supply the date on which you accessed them along with the URL of the information you got. Beware of copying any materials from the internet directly since it might even result in the cancelation of your admission to the university, where you are studying.

Originality in Same topic

Writers may often tend to copy when they are assigned topics that are found easily on the net written by other writers. Originality is the mark of a good writer and in such cases for avoiding plagiarism, the writer should treat it as an entirely new topic and first of all make mental notes regarding what content he/she wants to write, since each person is unique and have different perceptions, their overall thought presentation in the form of content will differ, while making mental notes a writer may come across knowledge, information and data lacunas  which he/she can fill with information retrieved from secondary sources including web sources.

Facebook, Twitter and the Problem of Stolen Content

The rise of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has brought with it some new issues. One of these is the issue of publishing material that is not original. It is common to find people post content on Facebook or Tweet messages that are not their own. The problem becomes even worse when people do not provide the proper citations for the work that they have taken. There are many reasons for why this is happening. One of the main ones is that people on the social media are not answerable to anyone. Unlike traditional media, there is no one to monitor content posted on the new age social media.

How to avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism can really be avoided, believe it or not. You have to be careful not to copy any material from the resources that you are using for writing your project, essay or assignment. Here are some tips that will prove to be useful:

  • Make your notes carefully; don’t mix your own words with those from the reference book or site
  • Understand each point that you are writing, so that you can write in your own style. If you are confused, ask your tutor for help.
  • Use quotes where necessary; put quotation marks and give proper citation for the source
  • If you are writing several lines that are similar to the source in continuation, give citation after every line and not just at the end of the paragraph/page
  • Refer to the citation guidebook for using online sources like websites and email conversations

If you follow these rules, you will certainly steer clear of plagiarized content.