Four Effective Ways to Save Money When Staying Abroad for Studies

Students frequently have to face a financial crunch when staying abroad. They spend too much on the daily necessities of life and struggle to meet the ends. Students are often compelled to do extra hours in their part time job, which robs their valuable studying time. But, students can save money and manage their expenses within a budget by adapting the following tips.


Travelling is an inevitable expense, but you can save money by travelling in cheaper options. There are apps available like Uber, Carma, Lyft through which you can share your ride or join someone travelling your way. Another way is to travel when it is inconvenient for others. During off-peak hours the fares are less.


The best way to save money is by cooking your own food and eating. This is not only economical but it is a healthier option too. You can plan your week ahead in time and do the grocery in the days when there are discounts in the supermarket and cook in bulk amount which you can eat all week around. Thus, by planning ahead and investing time you can save money, as processed food is way more costly that fresh ingredients.


Reduce the frequency of laundry. Wash only when you can run the washing machine in full load. Wash your clothes in cold water and if possible let your clothes dry naturally. These tips will not only save you on your utility bill, but also on detergent and time invested.


Install a water purifier rather than buying mineral water. You will be amazed by how quickly you will recover the cost of the purifier. Moreover, if you share your accommodation with fellow mates you can share the expense of buying the purifier with them.

Thus, by making the above changes in your lifestyle you can save a lot.

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