How is plagiarism punished

There have been instances when people have had to resign from reputed posts as writers or government servants because they had resorted to plagiarism. When committed intentionally, with an aim to mislead readers, plagiarism can destroy careers. At the college level, there can be varying punishments for such an act.

Depending upon the extent of copied content, frequency of instances, nature of content copied and the source which one is using, colleges can announce several punishments.

  • The entire content can be rejected. If it is an assignment or essay, it can be prepared again from scratch. However, when projects or research reports are rejected, it often leads to wastage of an entire year.
  • If the mistake is minor, then the writer can be asked to revise the content and remove the plagiarized matter.
  • In case of citation issues, students can be asked to find and cite the sources properly, using a certain citation style.

In all cases, deduction of marks is common, and students will have to suffer low grades if they are not cautious enough.

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