Easy Steps to Keep Away from Plagiarism

Research scholars and writers often have to write contents, which are sourced from various other websites, books, and references. Nowadays, doing so is considered as plagiarism. It not only damages the reputation, but also it lowers the self-confidence in writers.

Given below are a few easy steps to avoid plagiarism –

  • Even if you are taking inspiration from a webpage or a book, you should never attempt to take the exact words. You can surely follow the style, presentation of the work, but not the words. You can use paraphrase the text, but this too is sometimes considered plagiarism. Alternatively, you can say the whole thing in your own words.
  • Never use just one source to write. You can use different works of writing. And by making their mixed-fruit juice, you should tell your story. If the outcome is great, it receives the appreciation. Don’t worry; there are many a people who write blockbuster, record earning movies, by picking their story from different places.
  • If you have taken references from some other book, don’t forget to give credit to the author of that book. This way, both of you will get the appropriate appreciation and recognition.

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