How Does Citations Matter

Research based studies in any particular academic domain are mounting up on a daily basis, and nearly most of the studies are incremental in nature, as it is not always possible on the part of a researcher to come up with new theoretical frameworks or ground breaking studies. Therefore, making use of the existing theoretical frameworks, researchers strive to come up with various research based studies, which are conducted in divergent contexts. However, it is also not always possible on the part of a researcher to know about what another researcher is carrying out by sitting at another part of the world. Therefore, there is always a possibility that results of both the study may collide with each other. Though unintentional, still the latter one will suffer from the issues related to plagiarism. That is one of the primary reasons behind the large community of researchers put so much stress on the aspects of citation, and they consider these aspects with utmost seriousness.

One of the greatest advantages of using citations properly throughout the study is that it can save the researcher from letting someone blame the work as a plagiarized one. On the other hand, using more citation increases the visibility of the original study, from where the theoretical framework has been adopted, and in this way, the rank of the researcher and the respective journal increases. Therefore, it has been seen that the senior researchers try to cite their own works, which were previously carried out by them, in their later works, and in this way they can enhance their rank among the community of researchers to a great extent. It is reflected in the h-index of the researcher and the impact factor of the journal. For more information about various aspects of properly citing a previous research work and its advantages, kindly browse through the pages of

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