In schools, teachers give students some punishment when they simply copy their homework from another student who has genuinely done it. Anybody can get the same punishment after copying or stealing ideas of others. Picking up original ideas or content of someone can induce plagiarism in your own work. Plagiarism of any kind is considered against the law, and it is a crime. The results can understandably be severe and damaging for your career. As a researcher, all depends on the dissertation or thesis you create. If it contains even a bit of plagiarized content, then you can expect the worst of actions against you. In fact, plagiarism is a major cause of outright thesis rejection.

Considering the severity of this issue, it is important that you take professional help in checking and removing plagiarism from your documents. You can also take guidance to detect plagiarism in your work and then rewrite your content to get rid of it. With an aim to remove plagiarism in academic documents, Plagiarism Check offers a variety of services to researchers. There are certain steps that need to be taken to ensure that plagiarism is 100% removed. We assist research scholars with training on plagiarism and explain them how it is detected and how they can avoid accidental plagiarism in their writing.

As a research scholar writes many academic documents, it is imperative for him/her to know the risks involved and precautions that need to be taken to steer clear of the charge of having submitted someone else’s work as his/her own. The following of our services can be availed by scholars:

Plagiarism Check : Under this service, we assist students with the checking of their drafts for the percentage of their content matching with that of other documents and resources uploaded on the Internet. Do note that there are many types of software on the Internet that can help you detect the match percentage. Most of the software packages are free, but not all may be reliable. Paid tools for plagiarism check are more reliable, as they check your document against the latest cached index. We choose such plagiarism checking tools that are of high quality and reputation. Our professionals have detailed knowledge of detecting plagiarism using advanced technological tools and techniques. They can also take out useful reports that give you complete information on the copied content and its original source against which plagiarism is detected. Thus, our plagiarism checking service lets you make your work 100% genuine. Read More

Removing Plagiarism : Once the presence of plagiarism has been detected, it is imperative to make corrections. Plagiarism removal is a unique service under which we make changes while retaining the original meaning of your document content. Under our plagiarism removal service, we search for citation sources from where the text appears copied and ensure that it is paraphrased and cited as per the required style. We give due credit to the original authors in all cases where their work has to be cited. We also make sure that quotations are written in an accurate and proper manner. Additionally, we work on all graphic elements that show signs of plagiarism. It is mostly not possible to remove all plagiarism from a document; however, with the above process, we can guarantee the removal of up to 70% of copied text, keeping the original intended meaning.Read More

Citation Style Guidance : Incorrect citation is a leading cause of unintended plagiarism, as scholars may not be aware of the professional citation style and format guidelines. With our citation style guidance, we can assist you in selecting and following the correct citation style for your document to ensure that it is not caught for plagiarism due to incorrect citation. We can work with various citation styles like Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, IEEE, and End Note. According to your specific citation style guidance needs, we can offer consultation to use the right style and format to mention in-text citations and other references in your content. Read More

To avail any of our services, you may contact our executives at +91-11-48111166 or just send an online query. If you want to send an email, then you can do it at experts are always ready to assist you in making your work foolproof and free of plagiarism.