Even if you have taken extreme care while writing your dissertation or thesis, examining your document for copied content is necessary due to unintended plagiarism that may have occurred in your work. If you are found guilty of having a document with plagiarized content, then your college or university can penalize you severely. Following may be the major reasons of inducing plagiarism in your work:

  • Writing work from another author and claiming it as your own
  • Grabbing someone else’s idea or getting inspired by it to write similar content, but without giving any credit to the original author
  • Not quoting someone correctly or providing wrong information on it
  • Not using quotation marks while writing quotes
  • Rephrasing some content with a few alterations while not citing the source
  • Picking up a large portion of someone’s work that reflects as a major part of your own content

It is highly important that you avoid all the above practices and stay original while writing. However, you may still need to conduct a plagiarism check on your work for detecting any accidental plagiarism that may have occurred without your awareness of it. At Plagiarism Removal, we offer thesis plagiarism check services for checking the percentage of plagiarism in your work and for finding out every word of the copied matter. Our plagiarism checking services are reliable for students like you who may not be able to check their work thoroughly because of these reasons:

  • You may be too busy or your approaching deadlines may not allow a final check of the document before submission.
  • You may not possess the right tools or may lack information on their use.
  • You may be too confident of your work and may skip some parts of your document during a check.

Hence, it is always advisable to consult a specialist when checking work for plagiarism.

We have a team of experts who have been writing and editing academic work since many years. They are familiar with varied cases of plagiarism. The approach that they adopt for checking your matter is completely professional. A number of plagiarism checking tools are available that can be used to scrutinize content and ascertain whether there are any traces of plagiarism. We use Turnitin, a widely trusted plagiarism checker, for ensuring that your reports/essays/assignments that you are going to submit have no plagiarized content. We even let you know similar phrases and sentences, as well as improper citations so you may correct them all through paraphrasing or fresh writing.

With the help of such software, we match your content against similar content present on the Internet and find the percentage of content that matches the text written in your document. Based on our findings, we prepare a plagiarism report that tells you the extent of copied content, as well as highlights the paragraphs and lines where plagiarized content is found. The sources from where some matter has been copied are also stated in our report. We check for plagiarism in your work against a very wide content database that has billions of published works. Our aim is to do a quick analysis of your content and provide you the results in a user-friendly manner.

All this can be done within a short time so you can submit your work flawlessly even before an urgent deadline. You can feel completely safe about the confidentiality of your content, as our technological tools do not save any matter we upload on them. For a sample plagiarism report write to our team now. You may also email us at info@plagiarismremoval.in. We offer cost-effective plagiarism checking services for detecting all kinds of plagiarism in your work.