Are you wondering how to check for plagiarism? When you wish to check for plagiarism in your drafted document, you will not need to buy some special tool for assessing your content. The process of checking your matter is simple. You may find any free online tool or software and then copy and paste your entire content or some parts of it in the relevant field offered by the chosen software. Then, you need to run a check for matching content. Within no time, the software will display its results and show the areas where plagiarism is detected.

You will find instances of matter that closely matches what you have written. There may be problems with quotes, such as the absence of quotation marks or improper placement of quotes. Additionally, there may be lines where paraphrasing is not done properly or where no citation exists. You may also find phrases similar to the ones used in original sources. It is important for you to generate a plagiarism report from the tool so you can keep a track of all the places where your content shows being plagiarized.

Some tools used commonly for checking plagiarism include:

  • Turnitin
  • iThenticate
  • WriteCheck

At some places in your document, you may have cited the source, but may not have followed the correct format or may have written an incomplete citation. Such issues also lead to plagiarism. However, it is wise to make timely corrections when you know how to check for plagiarism. While you may detect all plagiarized portions easily, it can be difficult at times to get rid of every bit of it. Be very cautious when you rewrite anything or make corrections. After doing it, you must again check your work in the manner described above

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