What We Do

As the name suggests, Plagiarism Removal is a firm that assures research students of the originality of their content. We support students and research professionals in detecting and removing all types of plagiarism in their theses, dissertations, and research papers. While we take care of plagiarism happening due to incorrect citation or referencing and by misquoting original work of other authors, we also check and remove plagiarism that happens accidentally, without a student’s intention of copying anything.

Scenarios under which we support students

Our firm is a sincere effort of a group of academic guides to make all academic reports free of plagiarized content. Plagiarism Removal has been created to reach all the students who have been preparing research reports and who are not sure about the originality of their content.

  • Our services have been useful to students under many situations that include having a tight deadline and being forced to copy some content in order to complete their work.

  • Another scenario appears when students are not aware of the rules regarding the use of sources and citations and have copied some content erroneously.

  • In addition, students with English as the second language have been able to benefit from our service, as they are unable to paraphrase content and express it in their own words effectively

How We Help

We use advanced and reliable technological tools to check for plagiarism and find the sources from where the plagiarized content is copied. Based on the results of such assessment, we do a complete revision of the plagiarized content. All plagiarized content is either removed or paraphrased according to project needs. We make it a point to ensure that while removing duplicated content, its meaning does not change. Many times, we also have to write fresh content to replace the previous content.

When we work on any client project, we make it a point to discuss the specific project and its content requirements with our client. We make sure that we understand the nuances of the subject before we start fixing its problem of plagiarism. We have developed a team of accomplished editors, proofreaders, and academic writers to examine the content closely while detecting plagiarism and to rewrite the text flawlessly. Our professionals have strong academic background in different study areas and experience of handling a variety of research projects. Thus, they can understand the technicalities of any project finely. They do not alter your ideas presented in your document and only work on plagiarism issue.

Additionally, we target to give you clean and valid content while keeping the secrecy of your work. We can also be trusted to maintain the originality of your content. Get in touch with our team and send in your documents to receive guaranteed plagiarism-free content. You may call our representatives at +91-11-48111166 or email us at info@plagiarismremoval.in.