Who will check my work?

Our accomplished editors who know the rules of academic writing and citation styles check all the documents. They go through the content and match it against known references.

How do you check for plagiarized matter?

We do a manual check, as well as a mechanical check. We use the most advanced plagiarism checking programs like Turnitin to find plagiarized content, as well as the sources from where it is copied. Either the complete content or a part of it is pasted in the program to find the matching content that has been published online or offline.

Will the plagiarized part be just removed or replaced?

We do not just edit away the content that is plagiarized. We also rewrite some parts after going through the references, as well as doing our own research. Thus, plagiarized matter is replaced by our academic writers who use 100% original words and scholarly language.

Do you make citation corrections?

Yes, we insert or revise citations to make sure that they conform to the required style and are consistent throughout your document. You need to tell us the citation style that your college prescribes so we can follow the same precisely. We correct both in-text citations and references in the bibliography

Will the length of my document reduce after removing plagiarism?

No, the length will not suffer due to the process of plagiarism removal. As we replace the copied content systematically, we ensure that the length does not reduce. You need to tell us the required word length according to your college guidelines so we may write accordingly.

Will I get a plagiarism report?

Yes, all clients are provided a plagiarism report. This report will tell you the percentage of plagiarism found in your document. The plagiarized content will be highlighted for ease of identification. It will also list the sources from where the plagiarized content is copied.

How much time does it take to revise the content?

It takes 1 day to check your content and generate a plagiarism report. If you want the matter to be rewritten, then we will require 3 - 5 days, depending on the extent of copied content and the complexity of your research..

What if I need a re-edit or I am not satisfied with the revised content?

You can ask our team for having a relook at your document. If plagiarism has not been removed as promised or the rewritten content is not of suitable quality, then you can send back your document. We will do a free revision if you send the document within 15 days of the first draft completion.