Maintaining an Objective Style in Your Dissertation or Thesis

Academic writing is done in such a way that there is a lack of overt opinions and a presence of an objective tone. Also, there is a journalistic slant to the way the language in academic writing is presented. Here is how you should maintain an objective style in your thesis or dissertation.

Evaluate your work for bias

You may want to get access to credible or reliable sources while writing your research paper. You should evaluate each and every source that you refer to for bias. When you stick with scholarly journals and publications, you could easily avoid bias in your work. Another way to get access to objective data is by referring to sites that have “.org”, “.edu” or “.gov” domain extensions. Some sources to which you refer would never be free of bias. You should, therefore, carefully take a look at the information and select your research materials accordingly.

Use objective language

You should present your work in such a way that your readers can easily draw conclusions from it. Avoid using the language such that it would not be understood as a value judgment such as “amazing” or “awesome.” Also, avoid emotional phrasing and adverbs or adjectives that exaggerate. For instance, do not use “very” or “really” to place an emphasis on those sentences that need to be highlighted.

Express your thoughts explicitly

When you express your thoughts explicitly, you can achieve an objective piece of research work. The more specific you are in the way you express yourself, the more powerful your writing would be. For instance, instead of writing “the entire world,” write “76% of the world’s population.” Be very specific in what you write. When you follow these tips, you could easily write a piece that is not only objective in nature, but also bias free.

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