Treat Plagiarized Content Promptly

What if you have inadvertently committed plagiarism? Is there a way to cure your content of the problem? Yes, there definitely is. Follow these steps and you can get rid of copied content:

  • Identify copied content in the document by running it through a check. You can either go through the content manually, in case it is an assignment or essay, or use a mechanized technique in case the content is lengthy. Online tools can be used by writers.
  • Find the resources from where the content is copied
  • Match the content and find the extent of duplication
  • See where citations have been missed. Insert citations within text at the proper place and ensure that the style followed throughout the document is uniform.
  • Delete and rewrite the copied content. Ensure that you do not refer to the sources when rewriting the content.

This process will completely refurbish your content and you will be able to submit original report to the college.

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