How to Check for Plagiarism?

Originality is an essential factor for success in any assignment involving writing skills. The biggest threat to the reputation of the writer is plagiarism. Plagiarism of any form can have serious personal, professional, ethical and legal consequences. There are many softwares available which can detect plagiarism and it is considered as a criminal offense which is punishable. There are many ways to check your content for plagiarism, here are some ways to check the originality of your content.

Online free tools

There are very effective online tools available which check your content, phrase by phrase, in google and score your uniqueness. These free tools have a word limit for every search you do. But there results are quite reliable. Some tools restrict the free monthly usage. Small SEO tools and WorldEssays are two such service providers.

Online paid tools.

There are many paid tools available which also do the same task, but their search is more intensive and overs a larger number of websites. You can buy the monthly membership or signup for a year. These are good for professional who have to constantly produce unique material. Grammarly and Unplag are such service providers.

Hire a plagiarism checking consultant

There are consultants who do a thorough check of the content using reliable softwares, these service providers not only check your document for the uniqueness but also remove any plagiarised statement in your document. They also suggest citation styles which will further protect you from getting trapped in any form of plagiarism.

The above methods do not require much time or money, but they guarantee a plagiarism free content which will save you from a lot of hassles in the future. Thus, you should make use of the technology and services available and produce original content and safeguard your reputation.

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